Sunshine Juice Ltd is a 25,000 sq ft factory with cold storage and freezers to facilitate white label production. Specialised equipment and innovative technologies allow processing on a range of products in various packaging options.

We are focused on offering top quality, least-processed juices and fruit salads made solely from the finest raw ingredients.

Sunshine Juice does not process any allergens on site therefore products are allergen free and ensure food safety. Goods compliant with quality standards and customer expectation are delivered on time, by our own distribution fleet as well as through our reliable supplying partners.

An innovative and professional team responds quickly to a dynamically changing market, creating award-winning products with sensorial and nutritional values. With commitment and experience in the industry, our mission is to provide premium products for our customers. We create strong relationships with our clients through our flexibility and innovative value-added offering.

* Yoghurt and granola is found only in distribution chain. No processing takes place on site.