Consumers want natural, fresh products – ideally without additives and without the loss of nutrients caused by heating. At the same time, around 30% of food is still being thrown away, some of it before even being sold.

High pressure processing allows gentle preservation of food by high pressure – without additives or heat. The result: much longer shelf life and maximum product safety and therefore more satisfied customers. At the same time the texture, look, nutrients and taste of your products remain intact. And all of that is achieved while HPP being environment-friendly and free of waste.



All fruit salad produced at Sunshine Juice Ltd is hand cut by our skilled knife team. This allows us to specialise production to your needs. It also ensure a high quality of produce and less waste produced in the process.

  • Environmentally Aware

Sunshine Juice are a proud member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green Programme. As part of this programme we are committed to ensuring the impacts of our activities on the environment are minimal by using sustainable environmental techniques and continuous improvement programmes.

Environmental Policy

  • Promoting awareness – inform and motivate staff to play an active role in commitments to environmental policy
  • Environment and the community – continue to work closely with local community to encourage environmental initiatives and report on issues of public interest.
  • Continuous improvement – 6 specific targets
  1. 80% raw materials sourced from certified suppliers
  2. Reduce energy consumption by at least 28% over next 5 years
  3. Reduce general waste and 24% increase in waste recycling
  4. Reduce water consumption by 40% over next 5 years
  5. Increase health and nutrition information through digital platforms
  6. Continue committing to current value of donations and sponsorship and grow accordingly as the company grows

Waste Management Policy

Sunshine Juice Ltd undertakes to:

  • Follow efficient waste management and recycling procedures throughout Sunshine Juice and use recyclable and recycled materials whenever appropriate.
  • Communicating with staff, student, commercial partners, contractors and visitors to ensure all are aware of the Waste Management Strategy.
  • Cultivate a work ethic with a high level of awareness of waste management, waste minimization and a desire to recycle and reuse materials when practical.